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Discussion Lists

RailroadInfo.com sponsors an online discussion forum and several  E-mail discussion groups. All are offered free of charge.

Come join us in conversation about your favorite railroad topics...


Railroad and model railroad discussion forum. A full featured forum powered by Vbulletin, RailroadForums.com offers railroad discussions in a friendly atmosphere. We cover everything from today's passenger and freight railroads to railroad history. Model Railroaders will also find plenty of discussions. Our photo gallery section allows you to post your railroad and model railroad photos.  

Registration is free, and there are no fees or monthly charges. All members get a full featured account, including the ability to post images, avatars, private messages, subscribe to threads/topics and more. There are no "premium" fee based accounts to buy here, you get all of the features at no charge. 


The RailroadData List is a weekly newsletter announcing all of the new links that have been added to RailroadData.com's link directory that week. Keep up to date on all of the new railroad websites. (Unlike our other lists, this one is published in a newsletter format, and does not feature any discussions.)

To subscribe e-mail RailroadData-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


The RailroadData Railroad List is devoted to railroads around the world. If you're interested in trains, you'll find something of interest here. We have discussions devoted to railroad news, information and history and more.

To subscribe e-mail RailroadData-Rail-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


The ANPL (Anti-NitPicker Leauge) Club Car is the place for railroaders and model railroaders to kick back and have some fun. Come join us in a virtual lounge car for jokes, stories and getting to know each other. Off topic discussions are on topic here.

To subscribe e-mail ANPL-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


The Model Railroading List is devoted to model railroads. If you're interested in model trains, you'll find something of interest here. We have topics devoted to all of the major scales, layout design, construction and operation

To subscribe e-mail RailroadData-ModelRR-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


This Live Steam and Large Scale list devoted to large scale, live steam and park train railroads. Internal combustion and stationary steam are included our coverage of "live steam". You're also welcome to discuss home shop machining and other model engineering projects.

To subscribe e-mail RailroadData-Steam-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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